Tennis Betting

Because of the long calendar years on the ATP and WTA tennis Tours, there is plenty of betting to be enjoyed. Of course a lot of the focus, especially for casual punters, will be on the four Grand Slams over the year, the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. These are the crowning jewels of the entire season, being the most prestigious available titles to win. This is where all of the big guns raise their games and where the underdog really gets to shine in the eyes of the public. Naturally these four tournaments are where the heaviest influx of tennis betting goes towards, but in between there is week-in week-out tennis betting to enjoy.

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Season specials are a big part of tennis betting and what the best of these focus on, is the biggest stars in the game, and make punters predict how many Grand Slams will be won by an individual. How many Grand Slams in a year will Rafael Nadal win? How about Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray? Will it be Maria Sharapova or Victoria Azarenka to claim multiple Grand Slam titles in a year? How about which of the highest ranked players will manage to be the World Number One at the end of the year. These are great markets to look at for tennis betting, and very valuable ones if you have a crack at them ahead of the new season.

Tennis is a great fit for live in play betting with your bookmaker as well. Live betting markets usually present better value odds than pre-match wagers and therefore should be a valuable tool to use in your quest for profit from tennis betting. Great new markets get opened up, like who is going to win the next set, or even the next game, what the final score in the set will be and of course the final outcome of the match in question. This is a thrilling way to get your tennis betting done, and adds a thrilling edge to matches when you are watching them. It generally generates much more value than backing an outright winner in a match.

The problem with outright tennis betting is that it is a 50/50 shot and there is usually a strong favourite. There is better value in looking for evenly matched competitors going up against each other for value in that regard, but in terms of pre-match betting you are better off taking longer value in Correct Score bets, for example backing Maria Sharapova to win a match 2-1 or Andy Murray to roll out a 3-2 victory. There is more value for a little more risk in Set Betting like this, than just picking a match winner in a two horse race. Another good alternative is set handicaps and winning margin.

Tennis betting is a pretty rich experience and games can swing very quickly, and this again, is where live in-running betting can really be valuable. Check for the different levels of tennis tournaments throughout the year, usually there some lower tiered ones where only a couple of major seeds turn up, and then they are worth backing strongly before the start.