Cricket Betting

Cricket betting offers quite dynamic wagering opportunities, which may surprise some people, given the perceived slow nature of the game. However, cricket is just so suitable for live in-play betting, that engaging in live wagers during a match will really accentuate the whole experience. Don’t forget that there a different formats of cricket betting as well, from the long Test Matches down to the rapid fire of the T20 encounters. All in all, there is a lot of value to be found in cricket betting and it is a sport which is well worth taking some time on.

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Naturally the outright winner markets are where casual punters will flock to, but as mentioned above, there is fantastic value in live cricket betting. Predicting who will be the next batsman out, the nature of the dismal, or the runs total, really gives the game a whole new dimension when watching a match. This is the beauty of live in-running betting, it opens up a whole host of new, on the fly markets in which value can fluctuate quickly. But the prime factor about live in-play cricket betting is that the margins in the options will be greater than pre-match wagers.

Test Match Cricket betting is at the top of the order, and it is the form of cricket which most people will be familiar with. As there are only a handful of nations with Test match credentials, it is not too difficult to track the real current value of a Test side. Some of the most anticipated Test match series are when India v Pakistan go head to head in their rivalry, or when England and Australia stand toe to toe for Ashes Series cricket betting. This is perhaps one of the most famous sporting rivalries in sport, all for that little urn, but the increased intensity always attracts extra cricket betting. The ICC announced in 2013 that there will be a new World Test Championship, which replaces the ODI ICC Champions Trophy.

There are thrills and spills in the One Day International Cricket betting format, with the top international nations involving themselves in Series, and it is the format for the Cricket World Cup as well. This is a great balance of the strategy of a Test match, and the heavy scoring of a T20 match, perfectly blended together all in one day. This format often leads to thrilling run chases and close finishes and because it is all over in one day, again it lends itself ideally to live in running cricket betting.

Then there is the Twenty20 Cricket betting, especially at major events like the infamous IPL, where cricket stars from around the world converge to play in the glitz and glamour of the league. There is the ICC World Twenty20 as well, a thrilling tournament which tests nations on the international level. The different formats will still embrace a lot of popular cricket bets, like Top Batsman, Top Bowler, 1st Over Score or the first dismissal method.

But while there is always a higher focus on International cricket betting, don’t forget that that there are domestic seasons around the world too. There is plenty of County Championship Cricket in England and Wales for example, as well as the Friends Life T20 competition as well. In Australia there are big competitions such as the Sheffield Shield and the Big Bash League, so don’t dismiss the value in cricket betting which is available outside of the international game.